Euthanasia and Hospice Care

Euthanasia and Hospice Care at River North Small Animal Hospital

Much as we would like to enjoy the company of our beloved pets indefinitely. The simple fact of the matter is that no animal can live forever. If your pet is dealing with a terminal illness or an unbearably low quality of life, you have some tough decisions to make on his or her behalf as a loving owner. Here at River North Small Animal Hospital, we understand what you're both going through, and we want to help. That's why we provide euthanasia and hospice care for pets in Stephenville, Texas.

Euthanasia and Hospice Care at River North Small Animal Hospital

The Value of Hospice Care for Pets in Stephenville

Even with access to the finest veterinary care, a pet may develop a condition that simply cannot be cured or successfully managed. Terminal health challenges such as cancer or congestive heart failure can degrade an animal's everyday quality of life. If your pet has a terminal condition, at some point it may make sense to focus on palliative care, with the goal of making your pet's remaining time as happy and comfortable as possible under the circumstances. Hospice care addresses such key factors as hydration, nutritional support, proper hygiene and grooming, management of pain and other symptoms, mobility assistance, and general diversion. We can help you keep your pet comfortable, advice you on how to support your pet in his or her everyday needs, and provide medication and other veterinary medical resources as needed.

Humane Euthanasia from Our Veterinarian

At some point, it may become obvious that your pet can no longer get enjoyment out of his or her life. This is when many owners give serious consideration to euthanasia as a peaceful, painless, humane way to say goodbye. We can advise you and provide you with all the information you need, but we won't push you into this procedure until you believe that your pet is ready. Our veterinarian will make sure that you and your pet have a quiet, serene environment for this moment. The procedure itself is as simple as administering two different kinds of anesthetic. The first injection literally puts your pet to sleep. We then administer a second anesthetic called pentobarbital. This drug brings the heart to a stop without your pet feeling a thing. 

Our Animal Hospital Can Help You through a Difficult Time

The end of a pet's life can be a very difficult time for you, but at least we can make it less difficult for your pet. Call River North Small Animal Hospital in Stephenville at 254-968-7387 to learn more about our hospice and euthanasia services.

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