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River North Small Animal Hospital Offer Preventative Care For Pets

Taking care of your pet means more than just providing food and exercise. A few small actions can help to prevent health problems and extend your pet’s lifespan. Preventative measures help to ensure that your pet has the care he or she needs for both health and well-being, even as their needs change at different ages. At River North Small Animal Hospital in Stephenville, TX, we offer preventative care to help keep pets healthy throughout life.

What Is Preventative Care For Pets?

Preventative care is a category of veterinary medicine that deals with measures to prevent infectious diseases and other common problems. A number of health problems can occur can undermine an animal’s health or expose them to unnecessary discomfort. Simple actions can avoid a number of these issues and can help your pet to stay healthy and enjoy a longer lifespan.

What Does Preventative Care Include?

Preventative care includes wellness exams, during which your Stephenville veterinarian can check your pet for common problems and discuss concerns you might have. It also includes checking your pet for internal parasites by using a fecal test. Your vet will discuss flea and tick prevention to keep your pet free of pests that can carry diseases. Dental care is another important part of your pet’s healthcare, just as it for your own. The vet can recommend teeth cleaning or extraction of problem teeth, if necessary. During your regular visits, you can update your pet’s vaccinations to prevent common diseases. You can also have your pet tested for heartworms and receive heartworm medication to prevent this disease that is transmitted through the bite of mosquitoes.

Your Vet Can Be Your Partner In Preventing Illness and Disease

You may have questions about your pet’s nutrition, exercise habits or behavior. Your vet in Stephenville is happy to discuss these and other matters that relate to animals’ health and well being. If an outbreak of an unusual disease has affected your area of the country, the vet can advise you on prevention measures and precautions you can take.

Make River North Small Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Stephenville

Dr. Herrington and the team at River North Small Animal Hospital are dedicated to providing quality care for all their patients in Stephenville, TX and nearby communities. We offer a wide range of veterinary services, including exams, vaccinations, dental care, diagnostics, surgery, laser therapy, behavioral counseling, and boarding. Call River North Small Animal Hospital today at 254-968-7387 for an appointment to learn about preventative measures that can keep your pet healthy and happy.

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