Intensive Care

Pet Intensive Care in the Stephenville Area

Intensive care for pets is very similar to that for humans. River North Small Animal Hospital offers this critical service in the Stephenville area.  When a pet experiences an injury, or illness that destabilizes them, they require extensive monitoring, medications, and possibly even procedures. Progress in the treatment of critically ill pets allows for more positive resolutions to veterinary emergencies possible. New processes, drugs, and practices have increased the options available for treatment and the outcomes when your pet needs it the most.

Pet Intensive Care in the Stephenville Area

Reasons Your Pet May Need Intensive Care Veterinarian Services

There are many reasons that a pet may require critical care interventions. The first and most apparent reason is accidents. Pets get into things they aren't supposed to, and often ingest poisonous substances, they can be hit by cars, or they may simply have a severe illness which they need support to overcome. These situations require extensive care, and River North Small Animal Hospital is prepared to deliver that care and support your pet to return to a stable condition. 

Another reason your pet may need intensive care services is if they have an operation and need around-the-clock monitoring for any complications. The staff at River North Small Animal Hospital is dedicated to watching over your pet as they recover, ensuring that there are no problems, and addressing them if they do arise.

Veterinary Intensive Care services at River North Small Animal Hospital

Our intensive care area is quiet, antiseptic environment separate from other animals. It is staffed with highly-skilled veterinarians and technicians who know what your sick pet needs. Typical services rendered in the critical care area might include:

    • Intravenous fluid and drug therapies, including blood pressure support using medications
    • Continuous monitoring of vital signs, including blood pressure
    • Respiratory support with a ventilator
    • Dietary support - Nutrition can profoundly affect healing
    • Comfort measures, including pain control and environmental control

If your pet is in trouble and needs help, please reach out!

Here at River North Small Animal Hospital, we have a team with advanced training. We can treat all manner of pet injuries and illnesses. It takes advanced training and the right equipment to care for your critically ill pet. They know what your pet needs and will treat them with dignity and compassion.

It's always scary when your pet gets injured or ill. At River North Small Animal Hospital, we can care for your pets in an intensive care setting, keeping you informed of your pet's progress the whole way through. We treat your animals with compassion and dignity. If you are experiencing a pet emergency, call us at (254) 968-7387. If the situation is emergent, bring your pet without delay. We are here to help; both your pet and you.

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