Pet Wellness Exams

River North Small Animal Hospital Offer Pet Wellness Exams

Pet owners are accustomed to making an appointment with the vet when a pet seems ill or needs immediate care. Your pet can also benefit from routine health exams, just as you do when you go for your annual physical. These exams evaluate your pet’s general condition and provide information for future care. Wellness exams ensure that your pet continues to thrive. At River North Small Animal Hospital in Stephenville, TX, we provide wellness exams to keep pets healthy throughout life.

River North Small Animal Hospital Offer Pet Wellness Exams

Why Is Wellness Care Important?

A veterinary exam when your pet is well allows the veterinarian to assess his or her general condition and provide advice to keep the animal in optimum condition. These visits can prevent such problems as overweight, lack of exercise or poor coat quality. In addition, the vet can address small problems before they become larger issues. If a health problem is found during a wellness exam, your vet can provide medication or treatment to manage it, therefore avoiding serious illness for the animal and a large veterinary expense for you. Wellness exams also provide an opportunity to ask questions about your pet’s care or behavior.

What to Expect During a Wellness Exam

The vet will first review your pet’s medical history to understand his or her veterinary needs. During your pet’s wellness exam, your veterinarian will examine the animal from nose to tail, checking the eyes, ears, throat, teeth, paws, and nails, coat and skin. The vet will also palpate the joints and abdomen to find any swelling or abnormalities. Blood testing, urine testing, and fecal testing may also be done to ensure the animal’s organs are functioning properly and are free of infection or parasites. The exam is a good time to discuss preventative measures to keep your pet healthy, such as updating vaccinations, getting a prescription for heartworm prevention medication and determining if your pet needs dental care.

Make River North Small Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Stephenville

Dr. Herrington and the team at River North Small Animal Hospital are committed to providing for the unique needs of each of their patients in Stephenville, TX and nearby communities. We offer a range of veterinary services, including vaccinations, diagnostics, surgery, intensive care, pharmacy, and boarding. You can call River North Small Animal Hospital today at 254-968-7387 for an appointment for your pet’s wellness exam, to ensure good health.

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